Production Services

We produce at a local market and try to meet the global quality requirements thus promoting development of local economy and saving transport expenses.

Today, in Turkmenistan wide opportunities are opened for small-scale and medium-scale business for activity including in the field of creation of modern products producing import-substituting products and urged to promote further growth of national economy of the country.

According to the import-substituting program in Turkmenistan 81 industrial objects will be constructed including by businessmen. The food industry enterprises, for enterprises for production of home appliances, innovative building materials will be created. 54 objects for production purpose out of the total number of enterprises, which will be built by businessmen, are referred to a non-food sector.

At this stage of its development Basdesh Trading House sees its place in these grandiose programs as a high-quality contractor on performance of the following industrial works:

  • Wooden building structures
  • Metal, sanitary-and-hygienic equipment parts
  • Building structures, aluminum and aluminum alloy items
  • Prefabricated reinforced-concrete and concrete structures
  • Metal structures for construction
  • Building carpenter’s and joiner’s metal items
  • Light metal structures
  • Wooden building structures and parts of main blocks
  • Metal fabric